Prognosis of Patients Receiving First-Line Chemotherapy for Advanced Soft-Tissue Sarcomas (STSs) with Locally Advanced vs Distant Metastasis vs Both: An EORTC-STBSG Database Analysis

The goal of this European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) study was to study differences in prognosis between subgroups of patients who received first-line chemotherapy for advanced STS. This retrospective database analysis included 2473 patients who received first-line chemotherapy for advanced STS from 12 EORTC sarcoma trials. End points included overall survival (OS), progression-free survival (PFS), and overall response rate (ORR). Factors studied were age, gender, histologic subtype, histologic grade, World Health Organization performance status (PS), treatment, and time since initial diagnosis.

Patients with metastatic disease only (M) had poorer OS compared with patients with locally advanced disease only (L), while patients with both local and metastatic disease (L+M) had the worst outcome. Median OS was 15.4 months (L), 12.9 months (M), and 10.6 months (L+M). Prognostic factors for OS included PS and time since initial diagnosis. Tumor site, histologic subtype, grade, age, and gender were prognostic for some but not all subgroups.

Similar trends were seen for PFS at 5.8 months (L), 4.3 months (M), and 3.1 months (L+M), as well as ORR. For PFS and ORR, there were also differences in the prognostic factors among the studied subgroups.

This large retrospective database study shows that patients with advanced STS treated with first-line chemotherapy with L, M, and L+M have marked differences in OS.

Verschoor A, et al. CTOS 2016. Abstract 2530606. P2 Poster 095.

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