Year in Review

Real-world study of patients with R/R LBCL found axi-cel to provide clinically meaningful benefits to patients of all ages versus chemoimmunotherapy, with larger relative benefits in those age ≥65 years. Read More ›

Retrospective analysis found disparities in access to CAR-T therapy in the US, particularly in female patients and patients residing in southern states. Read More ›

PILOT Primary Analysis and Meta-Analysis of CAR-T Therapy versus SOC for 2L Treatment of R/R LBCL
Dr Jeremy S. Abramson evaluates data from the primary analysis of the PILOT study and a meta-analysis of CAR-T therapy versus standard-of-care for second-line treatment of refractory or relapsed LBCL. Read More ›

The primary analysis of the PILOT study revealed durable overall and complete response rates in patients with LBCL not intended for stem-cell transplantation treated with liso-cel in the 2L setting. Read More ›

Meta-analysis of CAR-T therapy versus high-dose chemotherapy followed by ASCT in 2L R/R LBCL demonstrated superior outcomes with CAR-T without excess toxicity. Read More ›

Retrospective observational study of treatment patterns and real-world outcomes for 2L treatment of patients with relapsed or refractory LBCL demonstrated poor prognosis in those unable to derive benefit from conditioning followed by stem-cell transplantation. Read More ›

Through testing and validation, the novel CAR-T‒specific comorbidity index demonstrated that comorbidities are predictive of mortality after CAR-T therapy. Read More ›

A novel RADscore based on correlation of radiomic features with clinical outcomes in patients with R/R LBCL receiving CAR-T therapy outperformed conventional PET parameters for prognostication. Read More ›

TRANSFORM Primary Analysis and Indirect Comparison of Liso-cel to Axi-cel
Dr Jeremy S. Abramson analyzes data from the primary analysis of the TRANSFORM study and a matching-adjusted indirect comparison of liso-cel to axi-cel for the second-line treatment of primary refractory or early relapsed LBCL. Read More ›

The primary analysis of the TRANSFORM study comparing liso-cel to standard of care in adults with primary refractory or early relapsed LBCL resulted in achievement of key clinical benefit end points. Read More ›

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